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Sometimes you know exactly what you want, down to the style, colors and text on each page. Sometimes you only know you need a website, and just want someone to develop it whatever way they see fit. And often you are somewhere in-between. At RMBWorks we strive to develop a site that represents you.


Good websites start with great communication. That's why the first thing we do at RMBWorks is to listen to what you have to tell us. And we tell you all about the development process, costs, time-frames, and changes. There are never any surprises with RMBWorks, and we are here to walk you through each step along the way.

initial consultation and proposal

All web development starts with a free initial phone consultation so we can learn your web needs and gather the information needed to put together a proposal. The proposal will outline the specifics of the project plan, including price. Pricing is totally dependent on the scope and size of your particular project. Brochureware can range from as low as $400 up to $2,000+. Pricing for eCommerce and customized blogs generally start at $1,000 and up, depending on complexity and size. These prices are general estimates - your website is unique, and pricing is dependent on your needs and can be lower or higher than those listed here. Your proposal will list the scope and pricing for your specific project.


Good graphics or pictures are an essential component of an eye-catching website. If you have images you want included on your site, we will design with those in mind. Not sure what to use? We can create custom images, find stock images for you, or direct you to sites so you can find stock images that suit your sensibilities.

clean copy

Websites need words to describe products and services. Creating written material that catches the eye of your customer and conveys the professionalism of your organziation is essential for a great small business website. It's also important to tailor word choice to make your site more visible to web crawlers and improve your page ranking on search engines. You have your choice of writing your own copy or having us develop your written materials for you.

test area

Your website should not be a surprise, revealed at the end of the web development process. During development your site will be available to you in a test area so that you can view and ask for changes while development is ongoing.

search engine optimization (SEO)

You want your website found. We work with you to create a website that has the text and keywords optimal for high rankings by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.

payment gateways and merchant accounts

Selling on the web requires using services to process credit card payments. We can provide you with the information you need about the different options available. We can also help you set up merchant accounts and payment gateways, and incorporate shopping cart and buy now buttons into your site, to make the payment process seamless and easy.

domain and hosting

After your site is completed and we have obtained your approval sign-off, the finalized version will be moved to a host. If you have already bought or selected your website domain name (URL), and/or your hosting company, we will upload your finished website to your specified area. If you don't have a domain name and/or hosting company, we can advise you how to obtain them, or obtain them for you.


Depending on the specifics of your web needs, your site might be static - needing very few changes once it is up and running, or it might be dynamic - needing frequent changes after initial development. If you require changes after your site goes live, you can contract with us to make those changes, or, you can have a new web developer take over. If you have the need for frequent monthly changes, we can draw up a monthly maintenance schedule or create your site using a CMS (content management system) if you prefer to make ongoing changes yourself.

YOU are the owner

Your website belongs to you, and there are no surprises along the way. RMBWorks - the natural choice for small business web development and consulting

For helpful and detailed information about the small business web development process, please review our Anatomy of a Website page and contact us with questions or to get started on your new website!

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