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At RMBWorks we specialize in four types of websites:
Brochureware is the web's version of a printed brochure. It can augment your printed brochure with new information, or it can be an exact replica of your company's printed materials. Brochureware is used by businesses that need a web presence to describe goods or services, and provide contact and location information, but that do not need or want to sell their goods or services online.
An eCommerce site includes all the information you would put in a brochure site, and also allows customers to place an order and pay for a product or service on your website. It can be as simple as a "buy now" button for one item, or as complex as many pages of shopping cart items.
Artist Portfolio's showcase an artist's work in a visual and impactful way. Online artist portfolios, unlike their stationary book-style counterparts, make sharing art work fast, easily accessible, and available to a wider audience. Websites should be designed to spotlight the artist's work - never overshadow it.
Nonprofit websites are generally brochureware, but can include a page for donations to the nonprofit organization paid with a donor's credit card.

Depending on your needs, sites can range from a simple single web page establishing your presence online, to mult-page, multi-function sites including audio, video, and content management systems allowing you to enter and store data.

Whatever your needs may be, RMBWorks is here to help you achieve your goals. All of our websites are custom designed for you at a reasonable and affordable rate for small business budgets. We hope you will review our web development steps and contact us with questions or to get started on your new website!

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